Tiara Sightings: 2/1-3/17/16

There have been so many tiara sightings over the last couple of months I could hardly keep up with them all! We have also had lots of activity from royals all around the world. And if you haven’t heard the wonderful news, Crown Princess Victoria has given birth to a new baby Prince! The Crown Princess couple posed with their daughter Estelle the day after the birth, below.

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On to the tiara sightings! Just before she gave birth, Crown Princess Victoria along with the rest of the Swedish Royal Family attended an official dinner for various government officials and representatives at the palace on February 3, 2016.


The King and Queen were in attendance and Queen Silvia wore my Swedish tiara favorite, the Connaught Tiara.


A (very) pregnant Crown Princess Victoria was accompanied by her dashing husband Daniel and wore her favorite tiara, the Baden Fringe.


Also pregnant Sofia wore a fabulous sparkling dress and her wedding tiara that I have dubbed the Varmland Tiara, due to her title as a princess.

On February 22, because the Swedish Royal Family is all about #fanservice they posted the most adorable photos of Princess Madeleine wearing the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik tiara and her ice blue dress from the 2015 Nobel Prize Banquet at a tea party for sick children where everyone (obviously) dressed up as princesses.

Måndagen den 22 februari 2016 arrangerade Prinsessan Madeleine, tillsammans med organisationen Min Stora Dag, ett sagokalas på Kungliga slottet. Till Kungliga slottet kom 12 barn, mellan 5–8 år, från hela landet för att vara med vid sagokalaset. Prinsessan Madeleine hälsade alla välkomna och därefter bjöds det på saft, kakor och tårta. Efter en stunds lek uppträdde Tobbe Trollkarl därefter avrundades kalaset med fiskdamm och mera lek. H.K.H. Prinsessan Madeleine / H.R.H Princess Madeleine

Måndagen den 22 februari 2016 arrangerade Prinsessan Madeleine, tillsammans med organisationen Min Stora Dag, ett sagokalas på Kungliga slottet. Till Kungliga slottet kom 12 barn, mellan 5–8 år, från hela landet för att vara med vid sagokalaset. Prinsessan Madeleine hälsade alla välkomna och därefter bjöds det på saft, kakor och tårta. Efter en stunds lek uppträdde Tobbe Trollkarl därefter avrundades kalaset med fiskdamm och mera lek. H.K.H. Prinsessan Madeleine / H.R.H Princess Madeleine

And, because apparently they heard my cry for high-quality pictures, the Swedish Royal Family also release a super HQ pic of Princess Madeleine from the day wearing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik. Like God Bless. The photos I could find of this tiara were all so crappy and so bad and now look what you have given me. Thank you.

H.K.H. Prinsessan Madeleine / HRH Princess Madeleine Sweden

On March 6th we got photos from another dinner for government officials and diplomatic representatives, only this one was in Norway and it was held March 3rd. No official photos were released by the court, so please forgive the quality…the Swedes really spoil us.

Diplomatic Corps Dinner - Norway 3/3/16

Queen Sonja wore a hideous yellow dress and Queen Maud’s Pearl & Diamond Tiara and Crown Princess Mette Marit wore her classic Diamond Daisy Tiara.

The King and Queen of Belgium have recently been on a state visit to Germany and on March 8th there was a State Dinner. Queen Mathilde wore the Belgian Laurel Wreath Tiara and a dress that looked oddly familiar.


And last, but certainly not least the Danish Royal Family were out in force March 15th at a dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe for arts & culture. While some tiaras were not a surprise, Crown Princess Mary sent waves through the royal watching world when she debuted the tiara version of a necklace she had worn for Queen Margrethe’s birthday celebrations in 2015.

Queen Margrethe - Arts & Culture Dinner 3/15/16

Princess Marie & Prince Joachim Arts & Culture Dinner - 3/15/16

Crown Princess Mary & Crown Prince Frederik Arts & Culture Dinner - 3/15/16

Once again, please forgive my photos, I had to steal these off of Twitter (click on photo for source). Queen Margrethe wore the Baden Palmette Tiara and Princess Marie wore her classic Danish Diamond Floral Tiara. We don’t know much about Mary’s tiara, there has been no word from the royal court. But we can tell that it is a convertible diamond tiara with diamond uprights similar in design to the ones on the Girls of Great Britain Tiara. In my opinion is is quite a bit more regal than Mary’s Wedding Tiara and gives the Danish Ruby Parure a run for its money. I really hope that we see her in this tiara again soon and get some better photos. For now, we in the tiara world are calling this the Danish Necklace Tiara.

Here’s a slightly closer look at Mary’s new tiara…

Crown Princess Mary New Tiara

Let me know in the comments below…What do you think of Mary’s new tiara?

1/1/16: Tiaras at the Danish New Year’s Day Reception

Happy New Year from Royal Tiaras! We hope that you have a sparkly, tiara filled 2016. The Danish royal family got the year off to a great start with their annual New Year’s Day reception featuring gowns, orders and tiaras galore.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first. Marie wore an embroidered cream two piece gown and the Danish Diamond Floral Tiara. She also added some pretty sparkly accessories to this rather bland outfit–silver shoes and clutch along with a lovely aquamarine cocktail ring on her right hand.

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik were next to arrive. The windy evening gave Mary’s dress some lift to show off the beaded pencil skirt below the amazing velvet train. This dress is has a similar silhouette to the red velvet dress she wore to last year’s New Year’s Day celebrations. Mary wore her (and my) favorite Danish tiara–the Ruby Parure Tiara. Similar to Marie’s floral tiara this gem has quite the presence and Mary has shown that she can make the rubies look fantastic with any color.

Last to arrive (and with much traditional fanfare, see video below) was Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Margrethe wore a classic style beaded blue gown, the most fabulous fur wrap and the Pearl Poire Tiara. This tiara is another one of my favorite Danish tiaras, simply because, to me, it is the quintessential royal tiara. Queen Margrethe announced in her New Year’s speech that Prince Henrik will be ‘retiring’ from royal duties, something that wasn’t exactly shocking to hear, but it was a little unusual for such an announcement to come in the Queen’s speech instead of through a formal press release.

Make sure to go watch this video posted on the royal family’s YouTube channel to see the wind give life to Mary’s dress and to see the sparkle of these tiaras in HD.

12/10/15: Nobel Prize Banquet Tiaras

Yesterday was my most favorite day of the year–the Nobel Prize Banquet. The gowns, the tiaras, the jewels, the awkwardness of these super smart people sitting next to hotties like CP Victoria and Princess Madeleine.

My favorite royal ladies showed up in full force. Crown Princess Victoria looked stunning in a purple dress, the Connaught Tiara and the necklace, earrings and brooch from the Queen Josephine’s Amethyst Parure.

While Victoria’s outfit was definitely my favorite, Princess Madeleine’s tiara choice was such a pleasant surprise. She wore a fabulous grey dress and the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik. I’m so glad that one of the main members of the family finally wore this tiara so that we can get some really great high quality pictures.
The more I look at the photos of this tiara the more I love it. It has so much great detail and I am a big fan of kokoshnik tiaras, mostly because they are so large and elaborate.

Queen Silvia also pulled out one of my favorite tiaras for this year’s Nobel banquet, the Nine Prong Tiara. I love how simple this tiara is but it is also so striking and commands attention.

Another stunner from this evening was Princess Sofia in her wedding tiara, which I have lovingly coined the Varmland Tiara. This tiara worked perfectly with Sofia’s fair skin and her absolutely gorgeous black dress.

I hope you enjoyed all of the looks from this year’s Nobel’s! Tell me in the comments—which tiara look was your favorite?

Tiara Sightings: 10/1-12/9/15

So I have been a little bit AWOL–I was sick and then I got married and everything went perfectly and now I’M BAAAAAACCCKK with a TON of tiara sightings.

Here’s a wedding photo because I know that you think I wore a tiara….which I didn’t! I wore a sparkly feather hair pin and it was glorious.

melissa enid photography, wedding, photo

Here’s my big sparkly list of tiara sightings to get us caught up:
  • 10/14/15: Queen Mathilde of Belgium and her yummy hubby King Philippe made a state visit to Poland where Queen Mathilde wore not one but TWO tiaras–the Laurel Wreath and the Wolfer’s Necklace Tiara, which is new to the encyclopedia. Be still my heart.
  • 10/20/15: By the grace of God himself we actually got our first proper photos the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a tiara since her wedding in 2011. The Duchess wore the Lotus Flower Tiara and Queen Elizabeth II wore her favorite from the 1990’s the Modern Sapphire at a state banquet for the Chinese president.
  • 10/22/15: Queen Margrethe and King Henrik undertook a state visit to Indonesia where Queen Margrethe wore the Danish Turquoise Bandeau. This gem has not yet been entered into the encyclopedia, so click the link above to watch a video of it in action.
  • 10/22/15: King Harald of Norway hosted his annual gala dinner and the Norwegian ladies were out in full glamour. Crown Princess Mette Marit wore a recycled dress and her dainty Diamond Daisy. Queen Sonja also recycled a royal blue dress and donned Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara.
  • 11/5/15: My royal squad the Swedes dressed up for their state dinner with their guests from Tunisia. Crown Princess Victoria wore her old standby the Baden Fringe and Queen Silvia pulled out the big guns and wore Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara.
  • 11/15/15: Princess Christina of Sweden wore the Six Button Tiara to the 250th Anniversary Gala of the Order of Innocence Society.
  • 11/27/15: Queen Elizabeth II wore the Cambridge Emeralds in the glorious Grand Duchess Vladimir and the Duchess of Cornwall wore the sparkling Greville Tiara to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta.
  • 11/27/15: Princess Margriet of The Netherlands wore the Dutch Emerald Parure Tiara to a Gala Dinner in Manhattan. Make sure to check out the video I’ve linked to see it action!
  • 12/8/15: The Duchess of Cambridge attended the annual diplomatic reception wearing the long-unworn Cambridge Lovers Knot. Sadly, as with her appearance at the same event this time last year, we only get photos of her wearing it in the car.

You thought that would never end didn’t you? So did I! But prepare yourself, today was the Nobel Prize Banquet (READ: SWEDISH TIARAS), so I will have the post about those appearances up tomorrow!

7/29/15: On This Day: Wedding of Lady Diana Spencer

This is going to be a hard one for me to write, but today on the Tiara Blog we are going to take a look back at a tiara appearance on this day in 1981. Just imagine it now…sleeves were puffed, bows were big and so was hair. It was the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles of Wales.


Dubbed by some as the ‘wedding of the century’, this was no small affair. The bride wore a custom made wedding dress (that has its own Wikipedia page, FYI) by David and Elizabeth Emanuel that boasted a 25 foot train and over 10,000 hand-sewn pearls. She also wore the Spencer Family Tiara, a tiara that is now synonymous with her name.


As we all know, Princess Diana died much too early in a tragic accident, which, for me, makes looking at these photos that much more difficult.


But, it is nice to remember to good times and to see all of these happy photos once again.


Until next time Tiara Spotters!


7/23/86: Throwback Thursday, Wedding Edition

Today we are throwing it back all the way to 1986 when Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Although the Duke and Duchess are no longer married (but still amicable), their wedding was a show-stopping day.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Wedding


Sarah’s dress was a simple cut (with a 17 FOOT train!) and had very personal details embroidered into it included her and Andrew’s initials. She left her curly red hair down and natural and adorned her veil with a large flower crown for the beginning of the ceremony and after signing the register she revealed her dainty wedding tiara. The tiara features festoon designs studded with diamonds set in gold. And check out the size of that top diamond! Yowza!

1986-07-23 Sarah 09


Make sure to click over to the tiara page to see a high-res image of this wedding tiara–photo quality in the 80’s definitely is NOT what it is today y’all!

Until next time tiara spotters…


7/7/15: Mellerio Floral

Queen Letizia looked amazing this evening at a dinner at the royal palace for the President of Peru in a sapphire blue gown and the Mellerio Floral Tiara.

Her gorgeous hubby was also there tonight looking as regal as ever.

I love that she wore the classic floral tiara with a dress that has leaf shaped beading on it and she definitely has some gorgeous shoulders to show off in that deep scoop neck.

Until next time tiara spotters!

06/26/15: Happy 10th Birthday Princess Alexia!

Princess Alexia of The Netherlands

I would like to wish Princess Alexia of the Netherlands a very happy 10th birthday! I am so excited because I know it will be less than 8 more years until your mommy and daddy let you have a tiara of your own!

To celebrate Alexia’s birthday, I want to review some of my favorite tiaras from The Netherlands in anticipation that this adorable little girl will follow in her magpie mommy’s footsteps.



First up is the Mellerio Ruby Tiara, as seen on Queen Maxima at the recent Swedish royal wedding. I love this tiara because of its height, its versatility and its classic style. And those strung diamonds look like they are floating…which is just magical! Although it was made in 1889, this lovely tiara will still be stylish when Alexia (and her sisters!) are old enough to wear it.



Another tiara that would be appropriate for young Princess Alexia is the Dutch Diamond Bandeau. This tiara is simple, but powerful in that it has giant diamonds. Another very versatile tiara, this could be paired with any dress or hairstyle and is strong enough to stand on its own without any additional accessories.



The last tiara I would love to see Princess Alexia wear is Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara. It’s the one Queen Beatrix is hiding in her hair up there. It’s so small and dainty with delicate floral-ish motifs and just perfect for a young princess. Although it is rumored to be her grandmother’s favorite tiara, I think it would be lovely if this small tiara was gifted to Alexia for her 18th birthday.


6/24/15: Dutch Gala Dinner

Well, it’s been a busy past few days here at Royal Tiaras and yesterday was no exception! Queen Maxima, Queen Beatrix and Princess Margriet hosted a gala dinner for the members of the Corps Diplomatique at the royal palace in Amsterdam, and, of course, tiaras were present! Bless you Queen Maxima, bless you.

Queen Maxima 6/24/15

Queen Maxima showed up in a bronze lace dress that she recycled from 2002 and the Wurttemberg Pearl Tiara. Like can we talk about this dress for a second? The last time she wore it was at the wedding of Princess Martha Louise of Norway on May 24, 2002. And now, 13 years later she can still fit into it. After having 3 children. GO MAXIMA!

Queen Beatrix Dutch Button Tiara 6/24/15

Queen Beatrix (I will never stop calling a former queen ‘Queen’, by the way) was also in attendance in a shockingly blue dress and the Dutch Button Tiara. One royal blogger on tumblr commented how nice it was that Maxima and Beatrix ‘traded’ wedding tiaras for the evening and I certainly agree. The Dutch Button Tiara works extremely well with Beatrix’s never-changing hairstyle and we all know my girl Maxima can rock any tiara, any time, any where.

Princess Margriet, Dutch Emerald Parure Tiara, 6/24/15

Queen Beatrix’s sister, Princess Margriet was also present for the gala dinner and rocked the Dutch Emerald Parure Tiara (the pearl version) on a very similar hairstyle to her sister’s. Her outfit was understated but elegant.

Until next time tiara spotters!

6/24/15: Girls of Great Britain


Queen Elizabeth is on an official visit to Germany, and this evening she attended a state banquet with the German president.


She looked lovely in the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara and Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Earrings and Necklace. More on the earrings and necklace can be found at the Queen’s Jewel Vault.

Some of my fellow tiara lovers were hoping to see the Oriental Circlet reunited with its matching necklace and earrings, but I enjoy the combination of the rubies with the classic style of the GGB.

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